About RTEK

RTEK (short for Robotics Technologies) is a Portuguese technological company founded in 2009 by former researchers from ISR (Institute for Systems and Robotics) and Siemens®.

The vision was to develop new technology that would provide homes with intelligent systems capable of replacing people in their daily tasks, thus increasing the quality of life of their inhabitants.

To fulfill the long-term vision, the development and marketing plan was divided into 3 phases. First: The Connected Home, Second: The Smart Home, Third: The Robotic Home

In 2011 we reached the first phase by allowing remote control of the house by smartphones (Android and iPhone). We started with the commercialization that was very well received by the market.

By the end of 2016, we already had hundreds of controlled homes with our product. It was at this point that product development was ready for phase 2: The Smart Home. In this phase, we implemented numerous features that made the house more autonomous, such as presence simulation using sensors and actuators, where the house eludes potential intruders with blinds, lights, and noises (through ambient sound) intelligently and in realtime, leading them to believe that someone is really at home. At this stage, we have largely exceeded a thousand houses installed in Portugal.

In 2020 we are starting with the next phase: The Robotic Home.

RTEK App main screen

Our Factory SMT Line

We have our own SMT Production Line.